Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Rise of Fulani Herdsmen in the Middle belts By Comr. Paul Edoh (Jnr).

The gory tales of wanton killings in Agatu, logo, katsina-ala, Tarka all in Benue state and in Nassarawa, Jos and Taraba state had put Nigeria in the mouth of world's critics and this has in many ways sent shivers into the spine of other states governors within the middle belt axis.

The destruction done by these Fulani herdsmen have greatly affected the potency of food production in these states. Hence these herdsmen destroy farm produce and burn houses freely without police restriction.

The middle belt people are predominantly farmers but are all driven away by this tribe whose origin is traced to Sudan and Niger Republic.

The sudden obmutescence of the president over this pathetic situation is so suspicious and had left the people with a sordid and avaricious memory of indelible pains and gnashing of teeth with regret. It must be stated unequivocally that, they cannot take laws into their hands. And regrettably,with the negligence in attitude also displayed conspicuously by some of these unaffected governors in the middle belt had clearly shown that ‘injury to one is not injury to all’ as being used analogically.

 These herds men passed through states like; Kogi,Nassarawa,Niger,Kwara,Kaduna,to settle in these"manufactured troubled states" aforementioned.More saddening, no security check of their movements as most of them are clearly seen with dangerous assorted weapons walking gallantly without police checks. The question which is long begging for answers is ‘ who authorized them to go about with these life threatening weapons despite international outburst against the use of small arms/light weapons herdsmen in Nigeria are allowed. However, herdsmen in Nigeria go about freely with arms without police scrutiny.the question is, do we really have police men in these country? Or is there no enabling laws in our constitution? if yes, why can’t they arrest these herdsmen?’

The Nigerian government had no doubt ferociously confronted the Niger delta militants previously and the under belle of the dreaded boko-haram who had intentionally reduced the population of the north east.very pathetically our leaders toured round the globe conversing for loan, they had also canvers international support against corruption and terrorism thereby neglecting the Fulani genocide, is it that some of the top men in power are so related to these herdsmen that they can’t canvers for their name to be enlisted in the world terror group? Or what is stopping Mr. President or the senate president from visiting Agatu and the rest affected states in the middle belt?
Is it that, the cry of the middle belt people is worth not listening to?

Despite few military and police presence in the killing site, these herdsmen still lunch attack on these inhabitant. Other silent middle belt governors went about chasing after soft loans to enable them pay salaries and employing ancillaries’ to economic boast while Fulani’s invasion is delt with a painful blow of neglect and total disregard in their region. I wonder why these efforts are not channeled towards the dethronement of nomads’ in the middle belts and supporting their neighboring states fight these invasions'. I was surprised to hear that a grassing reserved bill will soon be passed and without hesitation the executive will ascents on it, extolling favoritism. According to the bill, if a piece of land is taken, the owner of the land has no right to refuse or deny them, this bill is not democratic because its lacks public opinion and does not address national issues because is too lopsided. In order not to repeat what happened to Naboth and his vain yard but God did not only restored the land to the murdered Naboth, he fought for Naboth and destroyed the generation of Ahab who violently took what does not belongs to him while in power. If the common man will not have a say in the greasing served issue any who land will be taken forcefully, will always have a God to fight for him and restore back his land.

Sighting a greasing reserve in the middle belt is not the solution, the solution is to settle the nomads’ in their original place of origin or the sambisa forest if not, the struggle for who controls farm lands and fish ponds in the middle belt will still be persist for gradually the these herdsmen are taken over the land, something drastic had to be done by the governors of these middle belt not keeping quite while legislatures sight grass land in the middle belt. A blow on the middle belt is a blow on Nigeria, it's time to put an end to Fulani genocide.
God bless Nigeria.

Comr. Paul Edoh (Jnr). is a newspaper columnist and Abuja base education activist.

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