Sunday, 1 May 2016


The member representing Makurdi-North in the Benue State House of Assembly, Avine Agbom made the following comment on the social media in defence of Gov. Samuel Ortom;

"Is better to be incompetent than loot the state dry like the previous government. We are better off with the present government under the leadership of Samuel Ortom, who is not a con man."

Ordinarily it is understandable that given the free fall in popularity rating of the Ortom government less than a year after it came to power promising heaven on earth all hands are needed on deck to help salavage something for a sinking administration.

Nevertheless, it is not the duty of a legislator to hold brief for the executive arm of government in such a disgraceful manner as Avine Agbom did in the comment above.

To so flippantly conclude that the people of the state are better off now under the Ortom government than they were under the previous administration is not only an unfortunate distortion of facts but it also reflects graphically the 'birth-mark' of the Ikyange-led 8th Legislative Assembly in the state as a psychopahntic rubber-stamp of the executive.

By his rather pedestrian submission, Avine Agbom has demonstrated a lack of understanding of his constitutionally mandated role as the prefect over the entire institution of state, with the power to ensure continual improvement in the life quality available to the people through uncompromising demand for enhanced performance of government.

Such a role demands of the legislator a perspective on issues which must stay above the low partisan levels which so readily gravitate towards mortgaging the common good of the majority for the narrowed interests of a few, deploying as a necessary tool the deliberate distortion and misrepresentation of facts.

It is such a tendency that the legislature is fashioned to protect the society from, so for Avine Agbom to have opted rather to indulge in it is indeed a crying shame.

At the same time Avine Agbom has sounded something of an ode to the 8th Assembly which since its inauguration has more than anything else earned to its discredit the toga of having kept the floodgate open for the Ortom administration to collect series of loans running into billions of naira without properly accounting for same or having anything worthwhile to show for.

On a more practical basis, the psychophancy of Avine Agbom is laid bare by the facts on ground which only show that while he might be better off under the Ortom administration, as he said, majority of the people in the state, including his own colleagues, workers, traders and others arw groaning under the yoke of none payment of wages for months on end, multiple taxation and worsening recession.

Perhaps, Avine Agbom belongs in the privileged ranks of those who have access to the oasis of patronage around Gov. Ortom, but for the majority of Benue people, they have possibly been tagged as "ghosts", and those ones are certainly not better off now than they were in the immediate past era

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