Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Iorcher urges FG to bring the murderous herdsmen in Benue, Enugu states to book

A leader of the Benue Entrepreneurs Forum from North Central Nigeria, Chief Chris Akoodo Iorcher, has urged the Federal Government to respond rapidly to stop the wanton killings by Fulani herdsmen across the nation and bring the perpetrators of this evil acts to book.

In a chat with journalists in Abuja on Tuesday, Chief Iorcher Iorcher decried the situation where lives are destroyed in droves by the activities of insurgents and terrorist in Nigeria.

He contended that the proposed grazing reserves with the routes will only compound to the social-economic problems, the presence of herdsmen has brought about in local communities in Benue and Enugu states and other states in Nigeria.

Iorcher, who is the Zaki of the Tiv Community in Jabi-Utako, FCT Abuja, also called on Buhari administration to pay attention to entrepreneurship development as small and medium scale enterprise have transformed the economies of the Western and Asian super powers of the world.

He equally enjoined the political class to stop at nothing in delivering good governance at the grass roots at a time where National security was threatened with the incessant attacks by unknown herdsmen on communities in Benue, Enugu states.

Iorcher particluarly charged the members of the 8th National Assembly to restore the confidence the electorate have reposed in them by formulating legal framework that would only bring about governance that will guarantee the prosperity of Nigerians and maximum protection of lives and property.

He called on the Legislators to thread with caution over the grazing bill which has passed the second reading in senate.

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  1. There government of the day should take urgent measure to put an end to the recurrent killings by the Fulani herdsmen.The government, politicians and philanthropic individuals should join hands using army,policemen, Vigilante,Civil Defense and youths to combat wicked killing of Nigerian citizens in their inherited land.The success of any good government hinges on the security of lives and properties.