Saturday, 21 May 2016

Now that Lottery has been Christianised By Vanger Fater

I have been amazed with recent happenings in Christendom following the initiative Christianising the act of lottery. President Buhari had announced last year, to our satisfaction, that the government will have sponsorships to neither Mecca nor Jerusalem. While majority of us went in search of wings to fly and prove an ecstatic spirit such news birthed in us, other Nigerians, the category that believes going to Jerusalem or Mecca is a panacea Nigeria needs for good governance, felt betrayed. Somehow they felt it is the government’s responsibility to make holy her citizens, but when it dawned on them that citizen’s holiness is not an obligation to the government, they went into rigorous search for an alternative.

Before I proceed, allow me to remind us that citizens’ holiness is not the government’s obligation. The government can only ensure that her people are law-abiding, and what is legal in a nation cannot be moral. It is legal to enjoy one’s riches alone much as it is immoral; it is legal to spend one’s entire weekend at a brothel much as religious bodies frown – these are few instances.

Incidentally, the Christian Pilgrim Board has been dawned with this reality, and in her rigorous search, has come up with an idea: Win a Trip to Israel (WATTI). Now allow me to take you deep into the idea whose baptism name is given as Win a Trip to Israel:

Buhari’s budget of change, our budget of change, has been filled to the brim that no vacancy for pilgrimage sponsorship is left, and WATTI is an idea whose actualisation now shall see the less privileged sheep in Christendom flying to Israel at low cost – how? A fascinating question, isn’t it?

Christians will be expected to visit States Pilgrim Boards, pick up raffle-draw tickets at minimal cost until when funds required to fly a particular number of worshipers to their Holy land are realised. The draw will be made and Christians – the lucky ones whose tickets win – will become JPs, the unlucky, perhaps the sinful, lose their monies. 20% of the amount realised, as explained by Secretary of the National Pilgrim Board, shall be remitted to the government as revenue. In simple parlance, beginning in 2016, there shall be lotteries where Christians pick tickets, cast them, draw the raffle, win, lose, and then a trip to Israel is scheduled. This is what WATTI is.

John Kennedy Opara, the Secretary of Pilgrim Board, has turned an orator in trying to distinguish lottery from gambling. He claims that casting of lot is biblical, and goes further that “in Acts chapter 1 verse 26 the Apostles cast lot to choose a replacement for Judas which fell on Matthias. Lot was also used to transparently divide limited resources. For example, in Nehemiah 10:34, the priests, the Levites and the people had to cast lots; also in chapter 11:1, lot was used. Lot or Lottery benefits the society, the individual, and promotes a cause, while gambling is consumed by the individual. So lottery is as old as man. It only becomes a sin if it is not transparent thus it becomes gambling where the winner takes all.” Superb! But politically, I suppose.

If I am asked, John Kennedy is only bringing out that FANTASTICALLY Nigerianism in him. He knows that the instances given above cannot be termed lottery; that these can only be called LOT which is to lottery as Lagos is from Borno! The biblical instances my brother in Christendom has given have nothing to do with money; they are not lotteries, and as such we can exclude them from gambling. My Cambridge Advanced Dictionary sees Lottery as a game, often organized in order to make money, in which tickets with numbers are sold to people who then have a chance of winning a prize if their number is chosen; as something that depends only on luck and is not fair. The same dictionary sees Gambling as something risky that might result in loss of money or failure, hoping to get money or achieve success...

This is why I say Lottery is gambling, like Naira-Bet, it places a player at risk of losing money; it is an act of gambling FANTASTICALLY which Christendom is against!

However, if Mr. Kennedy has chosen to Christianise lottery, shouldn’t we Christianise gambling too? If he argues that the former is aimed at strengthening one’s faith through the Holy trip, what if we should argue that the latter, like BET-NAIJA, also strengthens sheep’s faith since funds realised could be used in purchasing Holy Books; engaging in charity works; carrying out other activities morally right?

We agree that a motive is always superior to an action, but where what the motive seeks to achieve is of less concern to God, then God considers the action. Visiting Israel or Mecca is not God’s happiness; His happiness is your true worship, and so you cannot break His law with such motive and still expect mercy.

The government cannot legislate against this, and that is why state governors have applauded and hailed Mr. Opara. Yesterday, I heard Mr. Ortom of Benue and his Ekiti counterpart, Ogbeni Fayose, had exchanged banters with officials of Pilgrim Board. There is one thing common to these two governors: both are FANTASTICALLY glued to their individual purposes. Whereas Ogbeni Fayose’s is public sympathy, Mr. Ortom’s purpose is revenue, and so since a good 20% of the lottery funds will be cooling in the government’s coffers, there must be banter from Ortom. Whereas Fayose’s public-sympathy desire has lured him to announce the purchase of lottery tickets for Ekiti citizens, Ortom’s love for revenue has prompted him to call on the Muslim Pilgrim Board to copy from its sister agency. If it does, it means government shall have double of the 20% - an increase in revenue.
Hello Christian, do not be carried away with the government’s approval on this. Lottery is gambling, don’t be deceived! If your finances cannot fly you to Israel, stay in Nigeria and worship God. I am still yet to see a verse emphasising on trips to Jerusalem as condition for Heaven. Do not gamble to win a trip to the Holy land that in your very desire of strengthening your faith, you will be proving the very essence that Christ wept!

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