Saturday, 28 May 2016

The chain we don't deserve By Ejembi Ogwuche

It is often said by many that the preceding PDP administration wrecked a systemic havoc on the polity which may require time and resources to salvage .

Agreed , but can it be safely imputed that the successor APC administration have shown any acumen in tackling the mess ? The APC are merely behaving as if they were elected to aggravate the people's plight by inflicting a new variant of an archaic, medieval and primordial havoc on them.They have reneged and repudiated all their exotic campaign promises.The recent outrageous hike in the price of fuel without commensurate palliatives to cushion its effect on the economically traumatized people is one of their exemplar recantations.The government is also helpless in the face of the festering wave of insecurity pervading the country ,especially the menace of the marauding Fulani herdsmen .

The herds men who incidentally are kinsmen of ' Baba ' seems to have been given a franchise to terrorize peasants farmers across the country which they perpetrate with reckless and careless abandon.There is an unprecedented upsurge in kidnappings , armed robbery , sundry brigandage and renewed militancy in the south east and the Niger Delta areas .The war on corruption which is the flagship of their stellar achievements is tainted with bias as it is targeted mainly at recalcitrant opposition elements that are yet to cross carpet to the ruling faction of the APC.The Daura Security Service and the Endless Fueling of Corrupt Conducts have being turned to the security wing of the APC . Payment of salaries of public servants in the country is becoming illusory.Power generation has deteriorated to an unimaginable level and the administration is ' fantastically ' helpless in proffering creative solutions.

As the administration celebrates its first anniversary in office,what are they going to tell a bemused nation whose hopes for change have been dashed by gross incompetence.The people are manacled for their brazen and unsuspecting haste to embrace a change that has become a chain.The promised change is daily becoming embarrassing to the nation and the people that voted for it out of crass emotions.

Worryingly and annoyingly, as if cursed , the PDP has failed to provide a viable opposition at this crucial period of an odious political miasma and interregnum foisted on the polity by APC.Rather it has become fractious by the primitive ambition of it's hugely despised ' gerontocrats' because of their nefarious political ambitions.The present bickering in the party signposts an ominous future for this decaying behemoth.

The country needs a Third Force as All Promises are Cancelled and Party Democracy is Postponed.

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