Tuesday, 31 May 2016


One of the greatest beneficiaries of the Governor Samuel Ortom administration is Usha Anenga, who lives in Makurdi.

The gentleman is among the 40 medical doctors whose graduation Governor Ortom facilitated through payment of accreditation requirements at the College of Health Sciences as well as the Benue State University Teaching Hospital.

Prior to this development, Dr Anenga and his classmates spent double the number of years they were supposed to spend in the university.

For twelve years, he had stagnated at the medical school with no hope until Governor Ortom assumed office and swiftly paid for the accreditation of the College of Health Sciences and Teaching Hospital that paved way for their graduation.

It was like a tale dream for him but with Ortom, it became a reality and that moment he wept for joy as he was interviewed by journalists. He poured ecomiums on the Governor for being the true Governor of the people.

In addition, Governor Ortom involved him in the creation of a Situation Room to engage in quick information and feedback management.

When Governor Ortom visited the situation room, it was Dr Anenga that did the presentation and also took the lion share when the Governor gave a token of appreciation for staff.

However, we are not surprised, because all along, the new graduate doctor, a wolf in sheep's clothing was lurking in the corner to strike.
The other day, he fabricated an opinion poll on his blog wherein he said Governor Ortom was rated the worst Governor in the World.

No one bothered because the poll lacked credibility.

With today's post castigating Governor Ortom, the face of Judas who betrayed Jesus has appeared all over Dr Usha Anenga.

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