Sunday, 26 June 2016


The management of Agundu Ventures Nigeria Limited, Consultant to BIRS on Advertisement Location and Signage, have read with disdain a press release by Mr Bemgba Iortyom, the publicity secretary of the Benue state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The operations of advertisement in the state is controlled by the BIRS through a consultant. Before now, announcements have been issued out on Radio, print and social media, calling on citizens to approach the consultant and get approval for their advertisement.

This suggests that, any form of advertisement in the state must be authorized by this consultant before such advertisement can be placed.

For the PDP through Bemgba Iortyom to mount billboards without first obtaining permission from the relevant authorities is a violation of the law governing the posting of billboards and other forms of advertisements.

Any body, agency or group that places any advertisement without authorization by the consultant, such advertisement must be pulled down with necessary penalty applied.

We use this avenue to inform political parties and their candidates, organisations and the general public to obtain permission before displaying any form of advertisements.

Ignorance is not an excuse to violate the Law.

We hereby call on the state EXCO of the PDP to put a formal application and make the necessary financial obligations before they can go ahead and display their advertisement.

Signed : Management

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