Saturday, 18 June 2016

Sex Scandal: Gbillah’s US-based Wife, Sophia Defends Him

“My husband did not do what he has been accused of. What they have alleged that he did.

The few people in Nigeria today, who have had cause to interact with my husband would have come away with a certain impression of the kind of person that my husband is. And that impression is that he is an honourable, but more importantly God- fearing person.

“Because of the value that my husband places on the God he serves, he would never do this kind of thing. Because of the kind of person that my husband is as a person, he would never do this kind of thing. And finally, because my husband values his family and loves me, his wife, he would never do this kind of thing.

“So, yes, my response to all this is: I know my husband very well, and I know my husband did not do anything that they have said; any of the things that they have alleged he did. So the accusations are totally unfounded, completely unfounded.

“Now to the second issue of where I was, where he was…when this program came up, my husband requested officially by e- mail, from the organisers of this programme that he would be traveling with his wife and his baby…we have a 9-month-old baby, that he would like them to accompany him on this programme.

“The person who initially responded to that mail was a bit aggressive in his response, telling my husband that he can’t come with me. The way he responded was not the nicest way, and I have evidence, facts to prove it. It was sent by e-mail and the e- mail is still in existence.

“So, as a result of that, my husband and I agreed that we would travel together, but I decided that no, I’m just going to allow you go and do this thing by yourself in the chosen location. Now after this response from the man who responded initially, we were now able to talk to another one of the organizers of the programme who said it’s okay, I could go but could attend non-official events like the basketball event.

“But I thought I had already decided that since they said it’s an official thing and family is not allowed. You just go do what you have to do. I would be in the US as well, but you go do this.

“Where I am is about 45 minutes to an hour from where my husband was. He was in Washington DC and I was in Owings Mills, Maryland. They had to go to two separate locations – Washinton DC and Cleveland in Ohio.

My husband came to see us the night of the day they were supposed to finish from Washington
“My husband and I are constantly on FaceTime when we are not together. Now my husband went to Ohio and I knew just about what went on. The day they were free, he was with me on FaceTime all day.”

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