Saturday, 16 July 2016


In the days of the sane
The saints were saved
From the rage of the grave
And live in the rain and the rays

Oh! The sun had set for the sane!
And the saints are set up for grave
Death groped in the day
His jaw rage like hade

Oh death! Why walking naked?
Hunting the un-naked Saint?
Adeyi, not a bride of your master?
Why chased him to the red earth?

The goons and the lewd kidnapped him
And made him your innocent guest
In the innocent bush, at the innocent land
That spurns saint's blood

Ah! Death ruin the goons!
And make them the guests of hell!

UGWU Lawrence Enenche, wrote from Kano in memory of Reverend Father John Adeyi - the deceased vicar general of Catholic diocese of Otukpo, Benue state.

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