Saturday, 23 July 2016

Daniel Onjeh Is The Rising Star And Emerging Lion Of Idoma Politics

I write to congratulate you as a gallant fighter in respect of your participation in the Benue south senatorial election in 2015 which was nullified and also in the re-run election of 2016 which outcome you challenged both at the tribunal and Appeal court.

Now that the court of Appeal has ruled in favour of your opponent, I urge you not to despair nor be disturb by the antics of supporters of your opponent. This is because every informed Idoma and constituents of Benue south senatorial district know that you are the true winner of that election. The ruling of both the tribunal and Appeal court in favour of your opponent is purely on a technicality and not on the merit of your case.

As usual and expected, sycophants and praise singers of your opponent have inundated every available channel of information and communication to assault and cast aspersion on your person and character.

In this respect, I urge you not to pay attention to them so as not to dignify their ignorance as well as loss focus for the future and the task ahead. Please know that you are not a failure because you performed very well beyond expectations, hence the jealousy especially from some of the youths that seemed to have lost focus about the purpose of their existence.

I urge you to prove your critics wrong by not giving up on this dream and onerous task of bringing the Idoma youths into the mainstream of leadership in Idoma land. To achieve this, you must do what others in your category did to achieve their dream. In this category are the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Buhari etc who refused to give up on their dream in the short run in spite of odds against them and in the long run achieved their aspiration.

For you to write your name among these group of champions, don’t let set back take you backwards but instead see set back as a set up to come back better and stronger to win.

By Andrew Adah Okpe‎

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