Sunday, 31 July 2016

Disclaimer: Husband of Late Mrs Olachi Madarina Emmanuel speaks up about the demise of his wife

Speaking through Emmanuel Akogwu he writes...

Our attention had been drawn to a post on social media (@Facebook, #Twitter, #Instragram, #Wedding Diges, #Lailah Blog and Seraph Yomi, #instalblog9ja, #famousblogng etc) by one Mr. Ben Eziefule concerning the death of our Late wife, Mrs. Olachi Glory Emmanuel who died after a protracted illness. 

We would not have bothered dignify Ben with a response but because of most gullible Nigerians who will always jump to a conclusion of a matter without hearing or verifying the authenticity of such matter, we want to put the record very straight.

 Late Mrs. Olachi Glory and Emmanuel got married both in the traditional and Christian way. The bride price was duly paid as Ibo custom demands. They were duly joined in the church in a Holy Matrimony.

Both couple had respect for each other and were never at anytime at logger heads except for normal disagreement between couple which is normal. As a human being Olachi was sick and the husband tried all he could to save her life. At a point the family took Olachi to a prayer house which when Emmanuel tried to take her from there to the hospital the owner of the prayer house in Owerri called a police for him.

 Though Olachi could not survive the sickness as she passed on to Glory to answer the Supreme call. Also concerning why she is been buried in her home town the fact is very clear as that is the decision of her family.

Though in the custom of Otukpa where the husband hails from when a married woman dies she is always taken back to her family to be buried. You can as well get that fact from the Otukpa people of Benue state.

The husband Emmanuel did or her funeral rites and was physically present. The family even told the husband that in their custom the husband is not suppose to come out which made Emma and his daughter to stay indoor in the compound while she is been buried. 

The husband Emma, presently will not want to alter any word as he is mourning the death of  his beloved wife. We just write this for the whole world to know that the death of Olachi is not as Mr. Ben claimed in his write up. 

Why we are too matured to respond to Mr. Ben who still single and have no knowledge about what marriage is we want all Nigerians and the world at large to know that Idoma people are very loving and caring and above all respect the sanctity of life. We pray for the departed soul to rest in perfect peace. (Amen)

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