Monday, 11 July 2016

SHADOWS OF LOVE (A Short Story) By Ugwu Lawrence Enenche

Michael and Blessing walked into a garden talking and smiling broadly.

He knew she loved him but was not sure if she really loved him the way he loved her. He knew a lady could like a man, hold hands with him, kiss and even go all the way still not in love with him. Could this be what Blessing was really doing to him? He thought aloud as they stood facing each other. ‘I love you sweetheart. I’m really in love with . . .,’ he paused suddenly, choked with passion and desire.

Blessing looked into his eyes and bowed his head.
‘I love you honey, I mean it,’ he said softly looking more emotional.
‘I love you too, my sweetie,’ she whispered.
‘Oh my good God!’ he blurted almost immediately and held her tightly to himself, both of them laughing. He swept her off her feet and laid her gently on the moulded bench in the garden. With his two knees on the ground, his hands rested on her bare thighs. ‘Nothing has ever made me so happy like you. I really love you and ready to die for you darling,’ he declared.
He raised himself slightly, his right hand finding new position on her neck. He pushed forward and planted his lips on hers, her long gentle finger stroking his nape and cheeks. He pulled out and looked into her face, a pleasant shock shooting through his eyes. And as if to confirm the reality of this, he gently pulled her again to himself and she fell lifelessly against his chest, his arm encircling her form. He smoothed her hair, turned her face upward and as his eyes determinedly cut through her, he suddenly discovered the face of a woman full of passion.
She opened her mouth to say something but at this state, words are useless. His moist and seeking lips surged forward, and once again, their lips met in a lingering kiss that left them clinging tightly to each other like two vines embracing as they reach for the heavens.
Michael returned home after accompanying Blessing to her hostel full of happiness. He whispered to himself and smiles often on the road. He greeted some of his co-tenants who were yet to sleep and head for his door. ‘Correct guy,’ he hailed himself as he entered his room. He lied down for a while and jerk to his feet. He went and bought Indomie noodles and cooked it.
Early the next morning, he hurried to Alfred’s house to apprise him of his experiences with his new found love. The joy on his look and movements was noticeable by every pedestrian.  He congratulated himself for attaining the status of biggest boys dating hottest babes on campus. His passion to do everything to please Blessing was unrestrained and unflagging.
Alfred was lying down when he entered his room. He stretched his hand to shake him with an enthusiastic joie de vivre.
‘Senior guy! When I did not see you in the night, I knew Blessing’s love held you hostage for a long time,’ Alfred hailed, his hand holding Michael’s tightly.
‘My guy, that babe is a complete angel.’
‘Hmm, tell me more.’
‘She took me beyond third heaven yesterday. She is the best of all ladies in all things. I’ve never encounter a goddess like her.’
‘Bad guy! So she gave herself to you yesterday? That girl really loves you.’
‘She loves me and I love her much more. I will never go after any other lady. I want to be committed to her.’
‘Love ywantiti. You are really in love,’ Alfred laughed.
Both of them laughed and shook their hands.
‘I mean it. I’ve decided to be for her alone.’
‘It is good if you can but I doubt if you people can be together for more than a year. You don’t date expensive lady too long if not, you have to be a robber to keep the relationship.’
‘Even if it will take me to be the most dangerous armed robber to keep Blessing to myself, I will. I will tell all the liable lies to my parents to get money to cater for her. She is my dreamed wife.’
Alfred laughed and looked at his friend as if seen him for the first time. He nodded his head and laughed louder.
‘It is good to be in love! I love your proposition. I pray it would come to pass.’
‘It would certainly come to pass before everybody, including Katanga.’
‘Katanga doesn’t want to marry her. He just wanted to use her more and dump her. I would be happy if you people can sustain the love.’
‘By God’s grace we would sustain it. Tolerance and commitment is what we need.’
‘I haven’t seen you madly in love this way before. How did Blessing treated you that you give her all your life?’
‘She is gifted and talented in manizing.  The treatment she gave me in the garden yesterday was simply a heavenly experience.’
Electronic power was restored as they were discussing and they began to watch movies, commending and condemning some of the cast.

Ugwu Lawrence Enenche
07032769241, 08176050494
Ugwu Lawrence Enenche is a prolific writer and reputable researcher on African literature and folklore. He is a celebrated public speaker with a distinguished, ineffable, modest and pro-active personality from Owukpa community in Ogbadibo local government area of Benue State. He has written many published and unpublished articles and essays. His recent novels are Gone With Love, A Talking Dream and Just After Dawn

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