Wednesday, 13 July 2016

WAILING WAILER By Ugwu Lawrence Enenche

In the days of the ancients
We leave without endemic and terrorism
Equity and probity was our husband
Justice and transparency our life partner
Life regarded than precious gold
Character than dazzling silver

Fairness was our insignia
Truth our common breastplate
Love, a radiance shield
Peace roars all day long
Nights gave birth to halcyon days
Wealth, for charity and help

Now our city a citadel of hell
Kickbacks cum terrorism our identity
Raging Armageddon for money
Bribery, a legal lifestyle
Corruption, the fame of the moment

Our tomorrow is amorphous                            
We are now claptrap workers
For fame hankering godfathers                      
That cherishes their claret than life
Singing their praises like auks!

UGWU Lawrence Enenche

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