Sunday, 17 July 2016


By Chir Msugh Iorwase Armstrong

In the build up to the 2015 general elections, 95% of those who came out to contest the gubernatorial elections were from the MINDA geo-political axis of the State. Ironically, most of them were either civil servants in the state or close allies of the former Governor.

Records have it that out of the numerous aspirants in the last gubernatorial elections in the state from the Minda political bloc, Governor Gabriel Suswam promised each of them the most exalted seat in the state.

But little did we know that Suswam was basically anti-Minda. There is no two ways about it. I know that the opposition party will crucify me for saying this that a handful of the Minda aspirants were deceived by the immediate past Governor. Why will Suswam decide not to reward hard work and dedication but chosed  an inexperienced candidate for his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP? Even in the kingdom of darkness, the most committed servant is highly acknowledged and rewarded.

Tivlumun Nyitse who was then permanent Secretary, government house administration was left with seven years to his retirement, Dr Eugene Aliegba would have become a professor today, I understand he struggling at the Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Hinga Biem was left with three years to retire, Andy Uwouku was left with  three years to retire meritoriously, Felix Atume would have still been piloting the affairs of The COUNCIL FOR THE REGULATION OF ENGINEERING in NIGERIA, COREN, John Tondo bow out as an honorable commissioner in Suswam's adminstration. All these bigwigs and sons of Minda dump their respective careers because the then Governor  promised each of them the guber-slot on a personal note.

Why did Suswam decide to treat the good and peace loving people of Minda with such disdain? It is on record that greater percentage of the support Suswam enjoyed while in office was given to him by this political bloc yet Suswam used and dumped them without adequate reward.

As God's people will always have their way a MINDA son, Chief Dr. Samuel Ortom eventually emerged by divine arrangement and the very Suswam out of jealousy and hate against the bloc has rosed to incite the people against  "the chosen one".

This is a life time opportunity and I'm fully aware that the people of MINDA will never allow somebody that has sworn to destroy them and their unborn children to incite and coax/hoax them against their own son, Ortom who became Governor against all odds.

Today, most of them have gone bankrupt and remain in hiding. Most of them as I learnt cannot forgive Suswam for the rest of their lives.

Once beaten, twice shy

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