Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Benue Launch "Operation Hembekera"

The Benue State Security Council has vowed to adopt new strategies in a bid to rid the state of criminals.

At a briefing at the Police Headquarters in Makurdi, addressed by the Police Commissioner, Mr. Bashir Dabup Makama, and Deputy Governor and Vice Chairman of the Council,  Benson Abounu,  the council sought residents’ support.

Special Assstant to Governor Samuel Ortom on ICT and Publicity, Mr. Tahav Agerzua, said a joint operation involving various security forces  named  “Operation Hembekera” began on August 6.

“This operation of course, is aimed at wiping out criminals and hoodlums, who have made this state unsafe for the public and it was in that onerous duty of tracking down and in continuation of the clamping down on illicit activities of a well-known notorious criminals  and their  gang members, who have been terrorising the state, especially making a particular section of the state to be a no-go area.

“Now you can go there and do whatever you want to do and come out unchallenged. All these are as a result of the operation that has been on and still on-going until the desired goal is achieved,” Makama  said.
He said the special operation has yielded results, with several kidnap attempts foiled.

“If you can remember also very well, a  particular young man was declared wanted for his complicity in cases of assassination which included the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Special Security, Mr. Denen Igbana, who was assassinated in his house for criminal reasons.

“Robberies were being perpetrated by this same group and all other criminal activities are being led by this same man and his gang,” he said.
He said the security agencies would do everything to support the security operation.

“This is a joint action from all the security agents and it is in support of the state government in her bid to ensure that there is safety and all forms of criminality are brought to a manageable level.

“There can be no zero crime but we will try and manage it as much as possible. At this time, I wish to state here that the JTF wishes to urge members of the public to volunteer information on the activities of this notorious gang of criminals. Many of them have been arrested.

“As I said, they keep  recruiting, we will continue to arrest until we get there and getting there, we mean getting him (the suspected gang leader) to come and face the charges against him,” Agerzua said.

Abounu said the Samuel Ortom administration was committed to tackling insecurity.
He said: “If you observed when we came in early in this administration, we worked very hard and brought insecurity in the state to its barest minimum. Before we came in, the state was bedeviled with very high level of insecurity, but as soon as we came in, not quite three months later, everybody was moving fairly free.

“Unfortunately, some people saw the amnesty programme, which was very successful as a threat to their political base and suddenly our findings proved that the level of insecurity thereafter was instigated by these politicians.

“You know this administration has been fighting all forms of criminality including political criminality. Some people are not happy with this administration and they are using all means from different angles to fight it, one of which is the instigation of some criminals to heighten criminality in order to point out that the amnesty programme did not succeed.

“But, all Benue people, resident in Benue could attest to the fact that some months following the amnesty programme saw a very stable state.”

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