Saturday, 27 August 2016

Benue News V4.0: The First Benue State News And Information Android Mobile App [Download Now]

Get instant News Updates Around Benue State And Nigerian Daily Headlines With this app, you can get Instant news updates in Benue and around the world all at your finger tips and with the help of  your android smartphone.

 You Get instant notification when there is news update, Read at your comfort, All news are automatically bookmarked for offline reading, Stay connected with the app and you will never miss any important news update from benue state and the whole world at-large.


Delivers Instant News Update
Notification Enabled To Notify You Of New Updates
Listen To Radio Benue Live Online
News Are Auto Bookmarked For Offline Reading

This is the first Official Benue News App, We Promise to give our users the best.
Stay connected and Enjoy!!!

Download Links:
If You Are Already Using An Older Version Of This App, Please Click The Below Download Links To Update.
You Can also get the app by searching for it on Google PlayStore

Download Links Outside Google PlayStore:

Download Link 1
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If You Have Any Issues Downloading The App, Please Leave A Comment Below.

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