Monday, 15 August 2016


By Terver Akase 
The time was 11:30am; the day was Friday, August 12, 2016; the place was the Governor's official residence. We had just returned from Harvest FM, Makurdi where Governor Samuel Ortom had interacted with Benue people on a live phone-in programme.

The Deputy Governor, Engineer Benson Abounu, a few minutes ago concluded a private discussion with the Governor and came out to the main parlour where I stood with the Comissioner for Industry, Trade and Investment, Dr. Tersoo Kpelai examining some development issues in the state. 

The Deputy Governor found our discussion interesting and told us "Yes, gentlemen, the Governor and I just looked at the most reliable ways of addressing the issues. It is called 'From Solution to Problem', and what do I mean? We will continue to find solutions and not wait till problems come. 

In other words, we will always plan ahead of a problem so that whenever we encounter a challenge, we have a solution handy", Engr Abounu stated.

Governor Ortom affirmed the above position at a public function later in the day where he reassured the people that Benue under him will not be allowed to return to the days of impunity; that every project, policy or programme of this administration must be designed to align with the aspirations of the people.

'From Solution to Problem' has been a proactive style of the Ortom administration since it came on board. The Governor and his team met a number of challenges that would have overwhelmed and derailed any other group of leaders but they were coming to office with determination to succeed and so were able to surmount the scare of an empty and deficit treasury, huge debt burden and collapsing economy. Ortom met a state raped by economic saboteurs and was prevented from weeping at the same time.

Only a team which is committed to true selfless service to the people could have achieved what Governor Ortom and his team have achieved under the same circumstances in which the current administration found itself.

From Solution to Problem. This means thinking ahead, planning ahead and putting in place measures that challenge any challenge.

Benue is on the march to rediscovering its greatness. Things will surely get better.

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