Saturday, 27 August 2016


Dear Gov. Samuel Ortom, it is not a very significant figure that writes, but allow me to crave your indulgence Sir. You must agree with me that there's so much work to be done in the various sectors of the state's politics, economy, security and society.

I don't suppose you are ignorant of the problems facing us today. I just want it to appear as a reminder to you as well as sting you back to consciousness on very topical issues bothering us at the moment. I believe you want to succeed as a leader, by this I mean excelling in the various sectors of Security, Unemployment, Economy, Education, Delivering our healthcare sectors.

Sir, it is no longer news to any discerning mind that the last administration of GTS did alot of things that are unpleasant. But as it is said, "governance is a continuous process " and as a leader it behoves on you to live up to the expectations of the masses. Also, the nature of your untoward behaviour towards your predecessor baffles me. I have searched for the right word to describe the confusion your government is into but seem not to find any word to describe it. Your regime has in recent times accused the past regime of Gabriel Suswam of keeping "thugs with weapons" to terrorise the poor masses into keeping quiet to the ills melted out on them.

But today what we see in your government is a new form of thuggery. "Strong men" in your government now enjoy the paraphinalia of an official of government, unlike those defined during the previous era.

The schedule of duty today is also different from those of yesterday - terrorise and if possible "eliminate" in any way possible those who seek to speak up against the bad policies of your government. One starts wondering what manner of change the Benue electorate got in you. What different way of doing things are we witnessing today? With a large army of 'e-thugs' on the social media and beyond with support from the seat of power, they bulldoze the social media to shower invectives at any individual or write up that dares to right the wrongs of your government.

Your Excellency under your tenure, Benue State has descended into a hellish reality where it has become difficult for smart and capable people to “survive” and have their daily bread. Under your watch sanity has been thrown into the winds. Known touts have suddenly become so powerful that they have unfettered access to you.

The corridors of power have become a strolling arena for them. Educated youths now prostrate before imbeciles in your government just to get food on their table. Everybody tries to pull the other down with greed and selfishness. Very bad for a regime that rose unto power on the back drop of a cult-like followership. A government the people thought could grant them succour and ease the pains the last regime imposed on them.

The security of the state has deteriorated to such a low ebb that people that live in the sit of power no longer go to bed with both eyes closed. Cultism is at its peak in Makurdi and other local governments with young boys killed day in day out on the streets with nothing done to curb their excesses. Security operatives frustrate innocent citizens by mounting road blocks at the theatre of crisis long after the perpetrators have gone. Mean while less than 500 metres from the theatre of crisis, a known thug is celebrated and granted security operatives of state to provide security, one no other government official enjoys.

On the recent 'Gana' embroglio your Excellency, I have questions I wish to ask Sir, when did you realize that Gana is a cattle rustler? Was it after you granted him amnesty or before? Did you not grant him amnesty before your relationship got bad? How did Gana entered the seat of power without your authorization? I ask these questions with a sincere motive. Was it after President Muhammadu Buhari gave the directive that all grazing areas be rehabilitated or before? Your Exellency, I know for sure that when such directives are issued, monies are disbursed to such effect. Looking at the mess your lack of direction and poor management of resources at your disposal in recent time have caused, I am know from past antecedents that you and your government looks towards using the funds provided for self aggrandisement which has unfortunately become the hallmark of your administration. I want you to think twice about this and do the needful.

On the Salary issue which in all fairness you cried before workers during your electioneering, I say shame on you your Excellency. The greatest undoing of your regime lies in your inability to pay workers' salary as at when due. An action which has unfortunately taken away the euphoria that greeted your entrance despite receiving bail out and borrowing more than half of what Gabriel Suswam, a young man with prospects and failed leader borrowed in his entire regime of 8 years. Your government has failed to pay workers what is due to them after receiving such huge amounts of money with a thriving IGR after crying before them despite collecting huge sums of money as bailout and IGR.

The way forward lies in your ability to articulate the road map before your emergence and follow same irrespective of what your newly found "hallelujah choristers" think. Also you must ensure that you free yourself from mental slavery and look at issues raised by other "social media critics" with an unbiased mind, for they will advice you better than your YES men. Your government needs a team to strategically place you on a strong footing as those you are working with hve failed you.

I advice also that you free yourself from the influence of "principalities that dwell at Judges quarters" if you must succeed. Their hold must be done away with. Most annoying is the fact that you are regarded as an "altar boy" of the "Judges Quarters' Cathedral". An apelation that has unfortunately become yours today.

Before I close your Excellency, I want you to understand that am not writing to spite you but writing with a confirmed sense of patriotism as a Benue son and one willing to help you and encourage you to work. You have failed us as a people with your lack of direction and focus as evidence in your lack of providing us with quality leadership. I write to advice and let you have a feel of what the people think and feel about your government. I like you as a person but hate you as a leader cause of your lack of focus Sir.

I want you to look towards this post and do what's necessary no matter what.
I rest my case for now and look towards seeing tangible changes and please resist the temptation of going after me.

Yours Sincerely
Bemgba Gwaza Martins,
A Social Critic and Public Affairs Commentator.

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  1. That is a good post there by Mr. Gwaza Martins. But why would you insinuate that His Excellency, Gov Samuel Ortom will be tempted to go after you? In my opinion, your criticism is constructive; hence the gov should contact you for further ideas about how to move the State of Benue forward