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An Open Letter To Abubakar Tsav By Chir Msugh Iorwase Armstrong

Dear Sir,


Good day sir.

I write you today with my heart filled with joy because since you retired after serving our dear nation as the officer of the Nigerian police force , You sincerely deserve a big thank you from Nigerians so I see this letter as an opportunity to say thank you for the services rendered.
How is life after retirement sir?

Abubakar Tsav, I have keenly followed all your activities as relating to politics, how you react to issues pertaining governance in Benue state right from the days of senator George Akume when he held sway as Governor, I also saw your conduct during the draconian era of Rt. Hon. Gabriel Suswam and now Samuel Ortom's one year time in office.

Considering your incessant attacks on the personality of Ortom and his administration since the inception of his administration gave me reason to visit the archives, in the archives I read what you wrote about senator George Akume when he held sway as Governor of our state, Benue.

You never saw anything good in senator George Akume's administration even though most of the things you wrote were later found to be false.

I also made spirited efforts to see your behavior during the days of the immediate past Governor, Suswam. I was however surprise to have observed that you were mute throughout Suswam's eight years as Governor.

While I was checking all the records, I was surprised why Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, could be silent for eight years in the face of the following:

1. Illegal Investment and Misappropriation of Primary School teachers’ salaries.
Between November 2013 and June 2014, the Bureau of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs got a total sum of N10.5billion as teachers’ salaries.
Rather than paying the teachers, the Bureau deposited the entire amount into a fixed deposit account. However, when the Bureau commenced payments of the arrears in July 2014, only N6, 034,813,349.64 was paid directly to the Local Government
Education Authorities (LGEAs) for salaries, leaving a balance of N4, 482,504,944.56 which was withdrawn in cash from the accounts of the Bureau by its officials. The Accountant, Mr. Ipevnor and the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Asen Sambe could not provide a satisfactory response to the issue.

2. The Special Adviser to Governor Suswam in charge of the Bureau of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Mr Solomon Wombo found in the Bureau’s Accountant, Mr Isaiah Ipevnor a willing collaborator, in the massive looting agenda of Local Government funds by the Suswam Administration.
Rather than release Local Government funds to the Council, the Bureau released just enough to pay salaries and then used the balance for irrelevant purposes.
In spite of the huge sum of over N348billion naira (excluding UBEC funds) that accrued to that tier of government, most local government. councils survived on obtaining illegal loans at exorbitant interest rates or even borrowing from the Bureau itself.
Mr Solomon Wombo was the “Lord of the manor” treating the Local Governments funds like personal cash and even appointing signatories to ALGON accounts.
The Permanent Secretaries and Mr Isaiah Ipevnor totally side-lined financial regulations, due process and even money laundering laws.

3. Receipt and acknowledgement of total cash of N578,000,000.00 (Five hundred and seventy eight million naira) by Hon. Omadachi Oklobia from Ministry of Finance Cashier, Mr. James Gera. The then Honourable Commissioner of Finance of the State, Hon. Omadachi Oklobia acknowledged the receipt in cash the sums of N200million, N128million, N100 million, and N150million on various dates, without stating the purpose of the cash and details of disbursement. There was also no evidence of retirement of these sums from the records of the Ministry of Finance.
It was also found that amounts contained in the monthly JAAC Schedule
of payments for Local Governments were eventually not paid to the Local
Government Councils as there were huge discrepancies between JAACagreed amounts per Local Government Councils as contained in the monthly JAAC payment schedule and the actual amounts which were
paid to the respective accounts of the Local Governments as contained in
the bank payment schedules. This shortfall amounted to N51,559,859,968.40 between January 2010 and May 2015.

Meanwhile, huge cash withdrawals amounting to over N43billion of Local
Government Councils were made from the Local Government Joint
Account (JAAC) 2017241513 domiciled with First Bank almost on a daily
basis. In most of these transactions,
the payee (Detso, Agbo or Ndera) simply endorsed the cheques and
submitted them at the bank as if payment had been made and returned to
their offices without collecting the cash. Thereafter, an unknown person
would come to the Bank and collect the cash at the instruction of the
Accountant, Mr. Isaiah Ipevnor. There is no evidence that these withdrawals were used for Government purposes.

4. Medical students exceeded their six year program and their major problem remained accreditation throughout the days of Suswam as Governor, but he rather compounded the problem by not paying attention to the Schools of Nursing and Midwifery as well as the College of Health Technology Agasha,these three Schools lost accreditation for three consecutive years.

Coupled with the misfortune of the College of Health Sciences, the health sector remained the worst hit during Suswam's tenure.

5.Governor Suswam placed thuggery on top priority. It is on record that serving commissioners were slapped and disgraced by thugs during his reign.

6. Robbery, assassination and kidnapping was on the rise during the administration of Dr. Suswam.

7. Vital decisions of government were made and taken in beer parlors.

8. The former Governor and his cabinet members were always seen drinking alcohol in town while sensitive issues suffer and begs for attention.

Tsav, you were still alive and much around when all the aforementioned took place right under your nose, you never alter a word, the people of Benue and indeed the world wanted to hear you speak out but to no avail.

I have few questions for you;

1. Why did you lost your anti crusade voice for eight years amidst massive looting.

2. Why did you lost your voice when workers were owned salaries for months during the time Benue recorded the highest influx of Money received in history from the federal Government?

3. Why were you quiet when thuggery and gangsterism was placed above honourable conducts by the administration of Suswam ?

4. What happened to your voice when high profile and citizens of this state were murdered in cold blood during the era of the former Governor, notable among whom are Pastor Adoor who was murdered just after he preached and mention the pig project, associate professor Gwaza Jande was to become the second professor of law in Tiv land and Charles Ayede. As a senior police officer we were expecting you to speak and ask questions yet you remain quiet, what happened sir?

5. Sure-p funds were misappropriated, figures running into billions of naira, you were quiet my elder, what happened?

6. Church services were interrupted and in some instances burnt down, nobody heard your voice, what happened?

7. State Government shares were sold by the administration of Suswam and proceeds diverted to personal coffers, were you not aware of the development?

8. I have also noticed that you become quiet each time the issue of your son who stole N2 million in Joe Kyaagba's house when he went there for courtship is mentioned, you become silent. That same boy was arrested and detained by EFCC for defrauding people. Why have you never defended the damaging allegation?

Tsav, you would have earned my respect to a fault if only you rose to the ocassion when all these malpractices in governance were going on during the era of Suswam.

It is partinent to note here that, there has never been a time in the history of Benue state were evil of such magnitude was been perpetrated yet you deliberately kept mute.

Abubakar Tsav, the last time I checked, I learnt your silence was as a result of your appointment as the executive chairman, Benue state Islamic pilgrimage board, other incentives from the then Governor, Suswam and a very fat bank account.

As you reflect on the questions penciled for your attention, I sincerely wish you remember that the future belong to the younger generation, and having observed your body language in the immediate past administration and the Government of Ortom,I have been constrained to believe that all your anti corruption fight even before the inception of Ortom's administration are for your personal gains.

Where is your conscience as the supposed leader you are ? Where is the place of the younger generation, when elders like you can't stand for truth?

Thank you sir,and I wish you long life even as I look forward to seeing a response to the questions raised herein.

Yours faithfully

Chir Msugh Iorwase Armstrong
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