Wednesday, 28 September 2016


The crisis of 1960-1964 prevented KWANDE people from producing the 3rd Tor-Tiv.

From 1959-1963, Bendega Ukpada was the deputy Tor-Tiv for Mallam Gondu Aluor, but due to serious crisis (Atem Tyo or Nande-Nande in Tiv-Land, a commission of enquiry was set up by the Northern government of Nigeria headed by premiere of Northern Nigeria, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello.

After the commission's report, it recommended the cancellation of the post of the deputy Tor-Tiv then, occupied at this time by Mr. Ukpada who was to become Tor-Tiv the 3rd after Gondu Aluor.

The issues unfolded and Kwande people failed to produce the 3rd Tor-Tiv and instead Jemgbagh emerged the throne through the person of late James Akperan Orshi.

Very much later on, the 4th Tor-Tiv was produced by MINDA axis through the person of late Alfred Akawe Torkula whose painful demise we are still mourning and waiting for the emergence another Tor-Tiv the 4th.

From the foregoing analogy, it is now crystal clear and obviously understandable that KWANDE people now have to be given the chance to choose among themselves and produce the next Tor-Tiv the 5th, because it is now their sole turn to produce the next Tor-Tiv the 5th.

Chief Williams Aturuma

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