Monday, 5 September 2016



The senate arm of the National Association of Idoma Students NAIS under the leadership of Comrade Christopher Onoja wishes to condemn in totality the wanton attack on the character and personality of  our God fearing and astute Political leader of Benue south and the executive Deputy Governor of Benue state his Excellency ENGR CHIEF BENSON ABOUNU who incidentally is a knight of the ST John Methodist church . Our attention has been drawn to the publication online credited to the lowly rated online news blog dated 31st august 2016. This publication is a clear case of slander and false lies been spread by wicked politicians who have hired an unprofessional and political propagandist in the person AARE ABIODUN OLUWARITIMI to spearhead the hate and false campaign on our esteemed leader and of course cause disharmony amongst Benue south Politicians..

The National Association of Idoma Students would like to categorically state that the author of this article and its sponsors are clearly out to disrupt governance, stair disunity amongst leaders and distract this administration from working as the recent turn out of events have proven that the allegations against the executive deputy Governor of political intimidation and Occultism are all false, misleading, wicked, malicious and awkward. Just days after he released his fake story, Honorable Okefe came out publicly to deny that he and the deputy Governor had any conversation about joining a cult group talk more sleeping with his under aged daughter. This same AARE ABIODUN OLUWARITIMI had published a story on his site about the murder of the Late university don Mr Tondo where he AARE ABIODUN OLUWARITIMI claimed to have gotten information from the vice chancellor of the prestigious University of Mkar. But as we will have it, the vice chancellor came out to debunk any so called information and denied ever contacting Mr. AARE ABIODUN OLUWAROTIMI talk more of given him sensitive information about the murder of Mr. Tondo. Attached to this press release is the letter sent to media houses by the Vice chancellor of Uni Mkar to prove AARE ABIODUN OLUWARITIMI is nothing but a propagandist and a willing tool in the hands of the enemies of our great state to destabilizes and undermine the Ortorn/Abounu administration.

This rubbish and unprofessional journalism from journalist like Mr AARE ABIODUN OLUWARITIMI must stop; we have watched with shock how our politicians have stooped so low and resulted into cheap black mail in other to undermine the leadership of the deputy Governor.

NAIS   under the leadership of Comrade Idoko Ahmedu  advise all great Idoma Students and indeed the general public and well meaning Nigerians to shun these articles, propagandas and false stories as they bare lies and unfounded allegations that are based on mere hearsay and speculations. This allegations carry no weight and are without any proof of evidence of their allegations. We call on all Idoma students home and abroad to join hands in condemning such cheap black mail and urge our politicians to shun blackmail allow our leader to concentrate on governance and stay away from cheap black mail.

Long Live Idoma Students
Long Live Benue State
Long Live Nigeria

Aluta Continua!!!  victoria acerta!!!

Comrade Christopher Onoja (Senate President)
Comrade Abraham Onyilo (Clerk)


  1. This write up lacks professionalism but serious emotions. U are right to defend the deputy governor but not because sure gonna get paid to.