Saturday, 1 October 2016


On the auspicious occasion of the 56th Independence Anniversary of this great nation, I, on behalf of the Benue State Government, give glory to God and appreciate you the good people of our dear state for the opportunity to serve you.

I congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari, the Government and all Nigerians as the country continues its journey out of the present economic downturn.

I speak to you today with a heart full of confidence and optimism that Benue is on the right path to greatness despite numerous economic challenges. Let me reassure you that we will overcome the current situation and take our state to the next level of development.

I commend your unwavering determination to face the challenges of the moment and the changes that we have introduced to pave way for transparency and accountability. Our administration believes that with your support, we will achieve greater things in the weeks, months and years to come.

I hereby reiterate our commitment to selfless service in the task of rebuilding the economy of the state.

The recognition recently accorded Benue State during the 71st United Nations General Assembly where I addressed one of the side events on our performance in the mainstreaming and implementation of Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, was another confirmation of our astute commitment to greater service.

Despite the current challenges, we will continue to initiate and execute projects and programmes to address the needs of the state. Let me reassure workers of the state in particular that our administration will not short-change them. We will ensure that they are fully and promptly paid as the financial situation of the state improves. I am a firm believer in the saying that workers deserve their wages.

The stick approach of the post-amnesty programme of this administration is already yielding fruits as more than 60 suspects have been arrested. Let me emphasize that this administration will not surrender the state to criminals. Those perpetrating crime should know that they have no hidding place. We are going after them.

We took oath to protect lives and property and we will continue to uphold that mandate. I urge you the people of the state to go on with their normal daily activities without fear of molestation. We are giving security agencies the necessary support to enable them effectively perform their duties.

I wish to conclude by saying that we owe generations after ours the duty to build a state they can proudly inherit; a state they can call their home; a state they will be happy to invite their friends from around the world to visit; a state that can parade some of the best medical personnel and facilities in the country. These things are already being done by this administration.

The future belongs to those who are ready to brave our current challenges. The future of Benue is not of rest but of hardwork and commitment. As long as there are tears and suffering caused by years of poverty, so long will our determination to eradicate these challenges persist.

There is cause for hope and confidence in our state.

I assure you that we will not betray the trust you have in us. We will succeed. Poverty, ignorance and disease will be eradicated from Benue State. As the Bible says, "better is the end of a thing than its beginning."

Thank you, and May God bless you all.

In God we trust.
Samuel Ortom
Benue State Governor.

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