Sunday, 30 October 2016


AN INTERNAL AUDITOR, Samuel Onwe attached to one of the local government councils in Benue South Senatorial district narrowly escaped an assassination attempt on his life after he was targeted by a notorious serial killer and cultist, Onazi  Obande .

Our reporter learnt that the internal auditor became a target after he had a little misunderstanding with the former in a bid to broker  peace  between the cultist and a motorcycle rider popularly called okada.
It was further learnt that Onazi whose one of his left hand fingers had since been eaten off by a gun due to his involvement in cases of killings, armed robberies and kidnappings, armed himself with sophisticated gun to the permanent residence of the internal auditor located at Ai-Adaka compound, Igumale to assassinate him just few days after the little misunderstanding between the former.

An eye witness , Ochapa Ajaja who narrated how the whole incident started, said the cultist took advantage of the discord to launched  assassination attack on the internal auditor.
He said: “Thank God for His mercy,  the innocent man came out unhurt and while tryimg to shoot his loaded gun, the killer was injured and is now receiving treatment in an undisclosed hospital''.
Another eye witness, Ogbu Oche also told our reporter that trouble started when the internal auditor tried to settle dispute between one Achadu, a motorcycle rider who mistakenly knocked down Onazi's mother. According to the eye witness, the intervention of Mr. Samuel(auditor) did not go down well with the stubborn Onazi  who threatened to kill at every slightest provocation.
He said Onazi perceived the intervention of  Mr. Samuel as not  palatable to him, accusing Samuel of taking side with the okada rider and vowed to deal with both of them.
Ogbu said, '' The boy started reining insults on Samuel and threatened to deal with him after Samuel pleaded with him not to carry out his threat on the okada boys and promised to take full responsibility of treating the wounded  mother and also repair the bike for the owner. However, Onazi  vehemently turn down the appeal insisting that he must deal with Samuel''.
According to him, on the 24th of September, 2016, the younger brother of the Internal Auditor came home from Abuja to attend a burial  of his friend who died from Abuja.
''At the end of the burial the internal auditor's younger brother decided to host some of the friends who accompanied the corpse from Abuja to Igumale at his residence. It was at that point that Onazi  also came to the residence of the auditor and immediately he saw  Mr. Samuel, he started  reining  insult on him, then he was ordered out of the compound.'', he stated.
He explained that from that moment, Onazi disappeared only for him to reappear at the same compound  with a gun along with one Ajii Ogenyi from Ai-Adaka compound who appeared with a cutlass to kill Mr. Samuel.
The eye witness further revealed that Mr. Samuel came out of his room not knowing what was happening, saw someone pointing gun at him, then he quickly rushed in and carried matchet to defend himself and at the process,  he swiftly injured the notorious killer.
Meanwhile, the Benue state police command has concluded arrangement to arraign the notorious cultist and serial killer,Onazi  Obande.
Our correspondent gathered that Onazi will be charge for alleged case of criminal conspiracy and attempted murder of Mr. Samuel Onwe, an internal auditor in one of the local government councils in Benue south senatorial district.
A source in Igumale told our reporter that the notorious cultist had at one point in time allegedly shot dead  a police officer, corporal  Oche Ogabidu who hail from Ai- Onazi clan, Ogizi Attah from Abakpa clan, Oche Onazi from Enyatra compound in Igah clan and Adadu Ogbu from Ai-Ameh  compound all of Igumale in Ado L.G A of Benue State.
A closed friend of Onazi who did not want his name in print  told our reporter that he always advised Onazi  to stop this attitude of killing and matcheting  people.
The friend said: ''right from the day he used a cultlass on one Oche Ogabaidu, a police officer in Ado police division who also hailed from Igumale, I told him I will never be his friend again. He did this openly at the Egwu Market square and also shot dead one Ogizi Attah on top of the Igumale motor bridge. With this kind of unwholesome attitude I decided to logged him out of my friendship''.
The source further said that the deadly killer always go about harassing and intimidating innocent people in and around Igumale, stressing that no one dare turn him down anytime he put request before you or otherwise you consider yourself dead.
Investigation also revealed that  Onazi had been on the wanted  list of police authority having been fingered in the recent Igumale police station attack and the December, 2014  Igumale bank robbery where some police officers were also killed and so many others inquired during the incident.
This time around, the police is insisting that Onazi must be arrested and prosecuted for attempted to kill the internal auditor with a gun. Although the auditor in a swift self-defence, allegedly gave him a matchet cut on his hand, a development that made the auditor to escaped from been killed.
Impeccable source said  the police is currently monitoring the  embattled cultist who is receiving treatment in an undisclosed hospital pending when  his health will improve so that the police would charge him to court for criminal conspiracy and culpable homicide.

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