Thursday, 20 October 2016

Next Tor Tiv Will Take Oath Of Office With The Bible - Gov Ortom

"No traditional ruler in Benue State will again be allowed to get involved in partisan politics.

The next Tor Tiv and other chiefs soon to emerge will take the oath of office with the Bible in their hands. Our people have tried swem but it failed us when we needed a defender against invaders.

We will follow and obey God this time and allow His interest to prevail" - Governor Samuel Ortom speaking at the Benue Peoples House, Makurdi, during the Interdenominational Fasting and Prayer Service for Divine Guidance in the Traditional Institution in Benue State.

Terver Akase

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  1. His Excellency, the Governor was right;after all this is the era of change and Change begins with him Therefore,subsequently, the SWEM should be used for swearing-in of Governors and other Public Officials because it seems the Bible has failed us since the previous or successive governors perform abysmally despite being sworn-in using the Bible. Or we start using the Holy Bible and not just the bible. I am sure that those who believe in the HOLY BIBLE will NOT engage in CORRUPT practices while in or even out of office. Thank.