Wednesday, 19 October 2016


The Principal of the School of Nursing Makurdi, Mrs Pauline Atser, has described the accreditation of her school and that of Midwifery as a miracle.

“This is great, this is a miracle, we give God the glory for rewarding the tireless efforts of Governor Samuel Ortom,” she stated when the news broke today.

“The God in whom the Governor trusts has done it, it’s a manifestation that the dedication of the state to God is yielding positive results.”

She explained that she attributed the feat to God because it happened when there was scarcity of resources compared to the days of abundance when the accreditation was withdrawn on account of dilapidated structures and facilities.

Mrs Atser stated that the milestone recorded was proof that hard work, commitment and dedication pay as according to her the Governor had visited the institutions countless times to demonstrate his concern for it to bounce back.

The Commissioner for Health and Human Services, Dr Cecilia Ojabo, confirmed that both schools as well as the NKST Mkar School of Nursing received accreditation from the Nursing and Midwifery Council which visited recently.

She attributed the accreditation to the commitment of Governor Ortom to boost health care delivery in the state.

Dr Ojabo stated that it was the second jinx that the Governor had broken in the sector, the first being the securing of accreditation for the College of Health Sciences at the Benue State University which has enabled the institution to graduate four sets of doctors who had stagnated there for more than a decade.

The schools lost accreditation four years ago.

Tahav Agerzua is the Special Adviser to the Benue State Governor on Media and ICT 

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