Sunday, 23 October 2016

Traders Reject Move By Benue Govt. To Relocate Wurukum Market

Benue State Commissioner for Trade, Investment and Industry Prof. Tersoo Kpelai says no one will frustrate the relocation process of markets from the cluster and disorganized present state to the newly built and commissioned Makurdi International market.

Prof. Kpelai speaking at the weekend in Makurdi with journalists stated that agitation to relocate the Wurukum market to the new site had started taking place long ago and all the relevant stakeholders including markets union and NGO’s were duly notified.

While the process was going on some traders in the market craved to be allowed time and that the notice of movement to the permanent site was too short and we responded by adding more time.

However, as the negotiation was going on between relevant market unions and the government on the other hand to our greatest amazement we received and injunction from the market union through their legal counsel to stop further action on the movement.

Another twist which has been attributed to their stay-put attitude is the claim that two of their virgins were buried somewhere within the market and as such insisted to remain there.

It could be recalled that the former administration of Governor Gabriel Suswam built over 1000 stores at the ultra modern international market with state of the art facilities including water and fire proof materials which can prevent fire outbreaks as well as others in order to model it to current international market standards.

“The Wurukum market is a distortion of the Makurdi original master plan but was initially allowed to stay because a befitting facility to accommodate them was not yet in place”.

“And today you can see that with the buildup of traffic around that area the truth is that it needs to be relocated which is what we are simply doing towards easing traffic congestion on that road”.

“To my greatest amazement the traders union in that market who initially had agreed to the planned relocation made a reverse decision and went to engage services of a lawyer to stall the process”.

He however reminded the market union that it was for their own good and no Jupiter will hold the government at ransom, urging them that if there is any issues bordering them they should come to a round table to reconcile the matter or else anyone who dares the government would have himself to blame.

“Just as I speak the traders union at the market headed by one Mr. Gabriel Igu has levied all their members to remit N1000 naira for legal proceedings and are billed to embarked on strike to forestall the relocation moves”.

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  1. I think the Government has a good plan. The should be happy instead of being disgruntled