Friday, 11 November 2016

Saboteurs Truncate Refuse Collection in Benue - BENSESA

The Benue State Environmental and Sanitation Authority (BENSESA) has raised an alarm over the activities of saboteurs currently truncating refuse collection and evacuation, especially in Makurdi metropolis of the state.

General Manager of BENSESA Engr. Andrew Chile told our correspondent during an interview in Makurdi that those sabotaging government’s effort in ensuring a clean environment were mostly disgruntled agents disengaged recently by the sanitation authority.

Chile said the saboteurs went about in disguise to extort money from unsuspecting residents whom they ask to put their refuse in the middle of major roads for evacuation on particular days without returning to collect them.

He said: “ We see this dropping of dirt in the middle of roads as the handiwork of saboteurs. We have investigated and found out that those private people we have not re-engaged after the expiration of their contract with us are the ones going about to collect money and ask the residents to put their wastes on the main road.

“We have already contacted security agencies to support us in the fight against these saboteurs. The public should therefore be vigilant of those who collect their monies without evacuating their refuse. If we catch anyone dropping refuse on the road, we will arrest such persons and they will be prosecuted,” he added.

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