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#ShortStory Moku Mogbe Modaran (MMM) By Ugwu Lawrence Enenche

He was working with Ted-Nock Global Limited - an industry specialized in the production of custard milk. Mike was mild and gentle and his co-tenant, Joseph was his best friend. He usually returns from work very late and the only person he interacts with before going to bed was Joseph.

      It was a halcyon dusk, Mike and Joseph were discussing in the veranda of their flat.

'I want to change my job, I really need a better job', Mike said.
'The recession is biting hard and getting a new job now   is not an easy task. I also thought of changing my job. My co-worker introduced me to a financial aid system called MMM, which  fetch them extra money, apart from salary.'

'What is MMM?' Mike inquired.
'He told me MMM give 30% of every investment. He said he put hundred thousand and was paid one hundred and forty thousand. Now, he earn between fifty to sixty thousand every month from MMM, apart from his salary. MMM is very lucrative.'

'Are you sure it is not a scam?' Mike wondered.
'It is not a scam at all. He gets paid every thirty days. I told him to register me and probably, I will invest some money soon.'
'If it works for you, then I will register also,' Mike said.

      Joseph was registered by his co-worker, and he provided help of thirty thousand naira. He was matched nineteen days later and he paid the money. Before the completion of the thirty days, he requested for payment of his money. Surprisingly enough, he was paid forty three thousand naira. 'Haaa! This thing is real ooo!' He shouted when he got the bank alert.

   He returned home in hurry after closing from work, expecting to meet Mike at home. Mike had not return and Joseph waited impatiently for him to break the good news. At every opening of the gate of their house, he runs out of his room expecting to see Mike.

     Mike returned so late and his mood, caught between worry and weary. He looked very tired and hungry. Before he could even open his door, Joseph was already standing behind him smiling usually.

 A ray of happiness brightened his mood. He hummed a song and nodded his head. 'I shall make it soon and live my dream,' he thought loud. They entered Mike room and before Mike could remove his shoes, he broke the good news.

'Guy! MMM na baba. MMM rocks! My own was not even up to thirty days and I was paid forty three thousand!'

'It is a lie! Haba! Mike mumbled, looking into the eyes of his friend to verify the veracity of his claims.
'It is true! Wait let me show you something,' he browsed through his phone. 'I don get alert, god win!' He sang. 'Alert don enter my guy,' he smiled.

'Waoh! Are you serious? But how do they get the thirteen thousand paid to you with your thirty thousand?' Mike inquired.

'Guy, leave that matter for martyrs. All that matters now is making extra monies, apart from our salaries.'

'This MMM is very lucrative, can you register me?' Joseph said.
'Sure! I can register your now. I have even provided another help of hundred thousand since. I'm even regretting not joining MMM early. '

Mike was registered by Joseph and he provided help of three hundred and fifty thousand naira. That was all the money he had in his account.

'That means at the end of thirty days, I should be getting up to one hundred and twenty thousand,' Mike said.

'Yes. You can even get more than that. And if you leave the money for two months, you will get up to four hundred thousand naira!'

'Waoh! Is that how it works?'
'Yes, your money grows always. If you leave the money after thirty days, they will be paying you thirty percent of both the initial deposit and the accrued interest.'

'Eeh! That means I will leave the money there for four months.'
'Your money will be over one million by then,' Joseph said, smiling broadly.

'My god! That means I will be able to get married this year my guy!'
'Sure! With MMM, you can do anything you desire.'

   Joseph provided help of the three hundred and fifty thousand and also provided another helps with the money he borrowed from people. He had informed his people that he will be getting married this year and the marriage date had been put on twenty fourth December.

   Joseph was very excited about his marriage solemnization coming up soon. He visits his fiancee and her family often. The traditional marriage had been slated to hold on seventeenth December.

    Joseph's money have spent five months in MMM and he was so happy that the money had 'grown' over a million naira he budgeted for his wedding. He was from a humble family and his intending in-laws have agreed for the marriage to be conducted simple and without much paparazzi.

     Joseph finally requested for help on Sunday, fourth of December to purchase things needed for the marriage. He was immediately matched with two other participants to pay him one million, three hundred and forty five thousand naira. On Monday fifth of December, the two participants who were to pay him called and informed him that they would pay to his account on Tuesday since banks were not open for service on Monday (because of el-di-maulud holiday).

     in the night, Joseph thought about the money and hope to receive credit alert messages before noon. He made calls to both of them at about 9:00am, but none of them receive his calls. He called again repeatedly about 10:00am and one of them picked his call. 'I haven't received any alert from my bank till now, that is why I say let me hear from you,' Joseph said.

'Oga, you never hear the news? MMM have frozen all account.'
'Why are you lying like this? Just tell me you no want pay, because you no get the money. Rubbish!' He cut the call and fumed, at no one in particular.

    He browsed through internet and the news of the account frozen was all over media outlets. 'Haaaa! My own don finish oooo! Moku! Mogbe! Modaran! He yelled and slumped. He was taken to Mata Specialist Hospital. One of the nurses took his phone and made calls to the phone numbers in the phone as the doctors battle to resuscitate him.

Ugwu Lawrence Enenche is a prolific writer and reputable researcher on African Literature and folklore. He is a celebrated public speaker with a distinguished, ineffable, modest and pro-active personality. He has written many published and unpublished articles, stories, poems and his recent novels are Just After Dawn, A Talking Dream and Gone With Love.  Email: ugwulawlaw@gmail.com  Facebook: Ugwu Lawrence Enenche. Twitter: Lawrence Enenche

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