Monday, 19 December 2016

Tor Tiv: Ortom on a Familiar Path By Keghen Bur

As the Tiv nation is set to elect a new paramount ruler, it has become evident that Benue State Governor, Dr. Samuel Ortom may be on a familiar path which will certainly lead to predetermined results as earlier flawed decisions in his appointments.

It is still very fresh in our minds that Samuel Ortom’s regime is notorious for appointing felons and people with known dubious characters.

This retinue of appointments began with his befriending and appointing acclaimed militant, Terwase Akwaza aka Ghana (now on the run), tax consultant. This appointment has certainly left a sour taste in the state and his mouth in particular as he has ended up placing a ransom on his appointee’s head after a dirty assassination of the Special Assistant to the Governor on Special Security, Mr. Denen Igbana.

Fast at the heels of Ghana came the involvement and detention which subsequently led to his dismissal from cabinet, Arc. Joseph Kyaagba, who was fingered as a mastermind in the murder of Denen.

As if this was not enough in several media interviews, Ghana indicted the Special Adviser on Security Col. Edwin Jando as his financier and armourer. Although evidence pointed clearly to this fact, Jando remains in the cabinet although his indictment still hangs.

Just last week another commissioner, Hon. Sekav Iortyom was suspended from cabinet for suspected murder of a Buruku Local Government Chairman. Athis matter has enjoyed celebral media hype.

It is based on these already established instances that it will only be wise to caution Dr. Samuel Ortom who feelers have proven that due to his hard decision to ensure a Pentecostal Christian occupies the Tor Tiv stool is threading a familiar path.

It has been gathered that Gov. Ortom has anointed two time Vice Chancellor and former Senatorial Candidate, Prof. James Ayatse as his preferred choice  to occupy the seat.

Unfortunately, this choice may take the same pattern as the already mentioned appointments as the said professor has been indicted by a visitation panel to the Federal University Dutsima, Katsina State for alleged financial fraud and maladministration.

If this rumour is true as it comes, then the choice of Ayatse may be one that will soon leave the Tiv nation without a paramount ruler as if indicted may result to subsequent prosecution.

Nevertheless according to sources the Professor whose endorsement has not been hidden as the First class ruler of Kwande, Chief Hilary Ikima who was also a contestant, had after stepping down openly told people he would root for Ayatse because the powers that be were  behind him.

This situation will purposely further worsen the already shaky relationship between the Tiv nation and President Muhammadu Buhari who is known to be intolerant to corruption.

The desire to ensure Pentecostal occupation of the Tor Tiv stool should not becloud the clear reasoning of the governor as the Tiv nation is already walking a thin line.

Yange Bur writes from Adikpo, Benue State and can be reached

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