Tuesday, 17 January 2017



The agreement reached on the 6th of January 2017 between the Benue state government and their Nassarawa State counterpart is another calculated attempt by the so called Fulani Oligarchy to mortgage and sell our future and lands to the blood sucking Fulani Herds men from Nassarawa state and environs. History can not lie, how can an agreement be made and signed on behalf of our people and yet the relevant stakeholders who this raging and historical conflict affect directly were left out? Going through the hurriedly, illegal and poor agreement reached by the Governor and his Nassarawa state counterpart, one would wonder why on earth the relevant stakeholders in Agatu weren’t consulted before taking such a very important decision. Going through the agreement, I failed to see the signatures of relevant stakeholders whose lives have been affected by this rampaging So called Fulani militia, I did not see the signatures of the Chiefs and ruler of Agatu, elders of Agatu, lawyer, Rep members both at the Federal and state level, or even the signature of the political leader of Benue state His Excellency Engr Benson Abounu or the two Governors themselves, instead, what we saw were signatures of the Sole Administrator and a youth leader.

We must not forget so soon the irrational bloodletting that was unleashed on our people by these blood sucking demons not so long ago that led the displacement of our people, our mothers, Grandmothers, children, youths and loved ones were murdered like animals on their farm lands and in their communities, our people turned into refugees in their own homes, even when the issue was at its peak that saw the state government employ desperate measures to stop the bloodletting, when well meaning Idoma son and daughters from all works of life came together to protest and condemn the issue, and Idoma students came out to protest against the issue, the Nassarawa state government did nothing to help alleviate the sufferings of our people. We cannot forget so soon that there were even rumors that the Governor of Nassarawa state was a sponsor of the onslaught of our people and their agenda of sacking our people from their lands and occupying them. We must not close our eyes to the impending danger that looms if we allow this so called indigenous herds men to graze on our Land. FULANIES ARE NOT WELCOMED TO GRAZE ON OUR FARM LANDS most especially now that the farming season is drawing so near.

At this junction I want to call on the speaker of the state house of assembly and all assembly members to live up to their expectations and mandate given to them and pass the grazing bill sent to them by the Governor. We must be wise in our dealings as a state, we must look at our surrounding states and see what the Fulani’s do when given a chance to operate., The IDOMA STUDENTS WORLD WIDE CONDEMS THIS TOTAL ACT OF BETRAYAL by the governor who we voted overwhelmingly in the last election that saw him come to power, even though the Governor claims we did not vote for him, records are there to prove otherwise as elections were determined and won in the Benue south. We will not sit and watch you sell our future, we kick against this latest sham of an agreement and DEMAND that it is terminated and declared null and void with immediate effect as any effort to enforce this agreement will be met with stiff resistance from the IDOMA students and well meaning Idoma sons and daughters.

We promise to shut down Government and economic activities in the state if our demands and pleas are not met. We will no longer sit and fold our arms and allow our future to be mortgaged by the political class. You are there to serve and protect your citizens, I advice Benue State take a leaf from Ekiti and Enugu state and do the needy before it’s too late. A Fulani can never carry his cows in the bush and not arm himself, the must not be trusted, we must not secede any part of our land to  theses blood sucking demons, Nassarawa state is a very fertile land filled with grasses for their cows, they should feed there. I repeat we will shut down government and economic activities in the state if that rash agreement is not reversed for the better good our dear state.  I call on Idoma students, well meaning sons and daughter of our land, and well meaning Nigerians to please come out in our large numbers and condemn this act of selling our future to the Fulani herd’s men. We shall overcome, all the Igbo traders and foreigners in our land must come out and rally with us as we aim to stop the looming Genocide to come if we allow this agreement between Benue state and Nassarawa state to give a part of our land to Fulani’s stand. We must not compromise as a people; we must put aside political interest and affiliation and condemn these as a united people. United we stand but divided we are conquered.
Aluta Continua…. Victoria Acetera.

Comr. ANDREW. A .AWULU (Acting Clerk NAIS)

Comr. ACHA JOHN GODWIN Jnr (National Senate President NAIS, ASG NUBESS)

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