Friday, 13 January 2017

Experts Confirms Discovery Of Oil In Benue

The exploration activities in Benue state has yielded success as a quantity of crude oil has been discovered.

Chief Hon. Solomon Oche Danjuma, the sole administrator of Apa local government council received experts from Abuja to ascertain the quantity of oil deposits at the site.

After thorough investigation, the engineers discovered that the oil deposits is of commercial quantity but they will still go to Abuja to come back with more experts to open the sealed abandoned oil wells.

A villager identified as Francis Akogwu who worked with the oil company narrated that oil was truly discovered in the place in the 1960s but the whites left because of the civil war that broke out then.

Akogwu said the whites drilled as deep as 14,000ft before they discovered the oil deposits, he also said the whites told them as at that time that the oil deposits is very large and of commercial quantity as it extends to Asaba in Ojantele/Akpete ward, extends to Okpoo in Ikobi Ward and also extends to the large palm trees orchard between Ankpali and Ebugodo in Edikwu Ward II all of Apa Local Government Council.

The villager also gave the name of the oil company as Forex oil drilling company and was able to remember the names of two whites then as Raphael and Rusell while over all man was Mr Tu Pusser who always visited them with helicopter.

On his part, the Sole Administrator of Apa LG thanked the experts for always honouring his invitation and also informed them that he always ready to support and meet their demands to ensure the exploration of oil in Apa LG.

He charged the host community to always guide the site as no one is permitted to visit the site except they receive instruction from the Council.

About a month ago, when oil was first discovered in Benue state, it was not yet known if the discovery would be of commercial quantity, but the deputy governor of the state, Engr Benson Abounu, urged the federal government and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) not to relent.

Based on results of several geological investigations, the government was convinced that the state had oil and that exploration is just what was needed.

Source: Oche Shaibu Adamu

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