Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Last Take on the last Tor Tiv By Iorliam Shija

To a Tiv man, the Tor Tiv stool should be the highest symbol of Tiv identity and essense: our mlu. The honour accorded any occupier of the stool, should be deliberately so from this prism and understanding. But, beginning with Gondo Aluor, all the Utor Tiv have been insulted and disgraced by leading politicians. Aluor was disgraced by Tarkaa, Orshi by Unongo and Torkula by Unongo and Akume.

It might interest us to know that, Suswam has had the highest regard for the traditional institutions since 1946. Ortoms relationship with the next Tor Tiv will also be noted. But being, a humble man, Ortom will surely bring dignity to that throne,we hope. In doing that, he would be doing to him self.

Since atem ityough and nande nande, Tiv seem to stake everything for politics. We stake family, friendship, truth and our whole heritage...no one will take such a people serious.

The last Tor Tiv, Orchivirigh Dr Alfred Akawe Torkula, is the best Tor Tiv amongst the four. Markir Dzape, Gondo Aluor , Akperan Orshi and Torkula.

But just like Aluor , he played into the hands of politicians and stood anti- Tiv political positions. As a result, he became unpopular.

Like Ochi Idoma, whose political linings are not pronounced, who welcomes Onjeh and Mark, the next Tor Tiv must welcome all his children to the palace..Torkula failed in that regard. He discriminated Unongo against Akume in 2003, and then Suswam against Akume, Ugba and others in 2011. This was his hubris.

But I don't think, we should capitalize on the weaknesses of an occupier of the Tor TIV's stool to insult our essence: the TOR TIV INSTITUTION that will always live on as our highest heritage.

By Iorliam Shija

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