Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Over 2, 000 APC Members Decamp To PDP In Benue

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Benue State Chapter has received more than 2, 000 members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who decamped from the ruling party in the state.
The decampees led by Hon. Thomas Mlanga were all members of the APC in Ucha, Ukum Local Government Area of the state.

Speaking at a rally to welcome them into the PDP, leader of the decampees, Thomas Mlanga, said the immediate past PDP-led administration of Gabriel Suswam, brought unprecedented prosperity and development to the people of Sankera area through the execution of massive infrastructural projects, pointing to the Zaki-Biam-Afia-Gbeji Road which passes through Ucha, as one of such projects.

In a statement by Bemgba Iortyom, State Publicity Secretary in Benue, the party said: “We commend the decampees for taking this wise decision to cross over into the light that is PDP having realised they were only tricked with empty promises and misled into entering the darkness that is APC, a party which after close to two years in power has moved Benue State into widespread poverty, hunger and misrule on a scale never before experienced in our history.

“And as was affirmed by various speakers at the occasion, such projects have served to place the PDP in vintage position as the one political party throughout history to have endeared itself indelibly to the people of the area, and by so doing earned the right to enjoy their unflinching and unending support.

“We like to emphasise here our faith that, after sixteen years of stable existence during which period the PDP steered the ship of the Nigerian state to entrench democracy, and having emerged as one of Africa's foremost political parties, our great party remains the only viable alternative for the Nigerian people, irrespective of tribe, religion or social status.”

He expressed the regret that the 'change' promised the people in 2015 has turned to 'chains' of slavery with close to a year of unpaid salaries piling up, massive borrowings coupled with statutory earnings accruing to hundreds of billions with no projects to show for it, rising insecurity and appealing levels of corruption.

“The doors of the PDP are still wide open to receive more and more of Benue people who, realising their mistakes, are turning from following in the path of deceit, empty promises and misrule being charted by the APC which is leading to nowhere but poverty and hunger,” he added.

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