Wednesday, 6 December 2017

NAFDAC To Destroy N74.8m Expired Drugs In Benue

The Benue Government said it is working with NAFDAC to destroy its expired drugs kept at the epidemiology unit in Makurdi.

Speaking to some Journalists on Monday in Makurdi, the commissioner for Health and Human Services, Dr Cecelia Ojabo, said the drugs were from the large procurement of the previous administration.

She said other drugs isolated for destruction were those found to have expired in hospitals and health facilities across the state.

She said even as the incumbent administration had not made such huge drug procurement, the expiry drugs covered the period between 2003 and 2016 adding some of the drugs have turned into powder.

She said the government was determined to safeguard the drugs from getting into the markets, disclosing that ” so far, they are still within the epidemiological unit”.

She wondered why the last administration made such a huge procurement considering that drugs had expiry dates.

Ojabo said the drugs were worth N74.8 million.

She said the procurement contract was suspicious, explaining that why were they making such procurements, ” realizing that these drugs do expire”.

According to her, when you make such large procurement, you cannot make maximum use of the drugs.

She explained that incessant strikes by doctors affect the durability of drugs, stressing that most of them get expired over time because ” there is no one to prescribe them”.

She said even though, the incumbent administration never made any such huge procurements, drugs have continued to expire in hospitals till date.

The commissioner said the government had resorted to using the drug revolving scheme to prevent keeping too many drugs on the shelves to save money and preserve them.

Ojabo said the government was collaborating with NAFDAC officials to secure a safe location for the destruction.

She said it was important to secure a safe location for the burning of the drugs to reduce imminent environmental hazards from the exercise.

The commissioner regretted that drugs had not been destroyed in the state for a long time.

She said NAFDAC and the Benue State Environment and Sanitation Agency had yet to conclude the arrangements bothering on cost and location of the exercise.

She commended Governor Samuel Ortom for the political will to tackle health matters in the state.

She also commended the governor for inaugurating the Primary Health Management Board and working hard to unify the health systems in the state under the universal health scheme.

She said the government hoped to tackle more than 80 per cent health problems under the scheme.

Ojobo also disclosed that the government had assessed the 1.5 million Dollars from the Global Fund by paying its counterpart funding.

She said the fund was meant to upgrade health facilities in the state.

According to her another 500,000 USD will be available to the state when it succeeds in unifying all primary health care structures in the state for effective healthcare delivery.

Ojabo also disclosed that the Anti-Quackery Team of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) and the Ministry for Health discovered 48 illegal schools’ of Health Technology in the state.

She said the team, which covered the three senatorial districts of the state, also discovered illegal clinics.

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