Thursday, 22 February 2018

Police Parade 4 Suspects In Benue

The Nigeria Police has paraded four suspects supposedly involved in the killing of nine of their personnel and several civilians in both Benue and Nasarawa communities since January 1, 2018.

The suspects were paraded by the Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of Operations, Mr Habila Joshak.

The parade took place at the Benue State Police Command.

The DIG said: “Mobile Police Officers ran into ambush and counter-ambush (and) we lost some officers; that also rather than discourage the police, we gathered courage.

“We went in headlong and I’m glad to let you know that those who had been linked to the gruesome murder of these police officers and other members of the community, and the destruction of the properties, have been rounded up”

Mr Joshak stated that credible intelligence and confessions of the suspects have led to more arrest of the assailants.

He said the suspects were arrested in Tunga, a community in Nasarawa State, where Governor Samuel Ortom (of Benue) had previously alleged that armed terrorists were camped.

Habila added that  DIG said: “The attacks were (carried out) in several ways and in several periods and you know that they (the police officers) were nine, both here (in Benue) and in Nasarawa, that we lost.

“We have gotten this window and we’ve gotten these people that have confessed (to the killings).

Mr Joshak included that more arrests would be made, as intelligence has also led to the recovery of large cache of arms and series of breakthrough.

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