Tuesday, 4 September 2018

David Mark Vows To Fix Nigeria Within 2 Years

"I have come to collect the forms for presidential nomination. You can comfortably say that PDP is the choice; it is the choice party in the country.

Obviously, anybody who has come here to collect the form has a blueprint and I, along with very young boys and girls or men and women, have a blueprint,” Mark said.

“The blueprint, which we titled '730', represents just two years — two years if given the opportunity to turn the economy of this country round. We will solve the insecurity problems, we will bring Nigerians together."

David Mark, former Senate President, has formally obtained his nomination and expression of Interest forms, with a vow to fix the myriads of problems facing the country in two years.

He disclosed this Tuesday in Abuja at the national headquarters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Mark said that the level of distrust in the country is alarming and there is need to bring Nigerians together to foster national unity.

“I have a very good background and I have been in politics since 1998 when I won my election into the Senate. I think I have the credentials and background to be able to do what I promise my team will do. It is a team that is going to work together to salvage this country to bring Nigeria to where it has been respected.

“Obviously, there are priority areas and restructuring is one of them; and I think the time has come for us to restructure this country so that Nigerians will feel that they are part and parcel and integral part of this country.”
Mark is the only Christian among the 12 aspirants who have declared their intention to contest for the exalted office of President under the PDP platform.

The party has already scheduled its presidential primary poll for early next month.

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